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Executive Evaluation

Executive Evaluation

Bright-ly, experience factory

At this time digital transformation, at Saltor Talent we have developed an innovative evaluation solution: Bright-ly, the factory of experiences in group assessment. A custom-designed tool to generate a motivating, engaging and rigorous candidate and / or employee experience.

Bright-ly is has been co-created together with our Partner Cookie Box, a world reference in complex process gamification. We have combined our experience and rigor in talent evaluation together with their expertise in creating amazing experiences. The result: generation of engagement, adaptability to clients and profiles, versatility and support throughout the process.

The gamified evaluation

We have created a series of cases and dynamics gamified, developed and tested together with the IESE business school. In this way, we can rigorously evaluate the necessary skills for the digital and changing world in which we live, creating a highly motivating experience. They are adapted according to the profiles we deal with (managers, middle management or “Young Talent”), and we develop them both digitally and in person and with a global reach thanks to our bilingual consultants.

Executive Evaluation

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